Here are two ways you can come up with your savings on your couponing grocery trip. I hope one of these methods work for you.




Step 1: Amount Spent + Amount Saved = Total Value of purchase

Step 2: Amount Spent/Total Value = a decimal (we’ll call the decimal “A”)

Step 3: Multiply A x 100 = % Spent of total items purchased

Step 4: 100 – % Spent = % Saved of total items purchased


Let’s say I spent $11.00 and saved $76.00

Step 1:  $11 + $76 = $87.00 (total value of my purchase)

Step 2:  $11.00 divided by $87.00 = 0.12

Step 3:  0.12 x 100 = 12.6% (this is the percentage of money I spent on the groceries – So I spent 12.6% of what the grocery bill would have been w/o sales and coupons)

Step 4: 100 – 12.6 = 87.4% saved (I saved 87.4% on my grocery bill)



Here’s The Formula To Find Your Coupon Savings Percentage:

Saved ÷ Value = % Savings

Here’s how to do it.

  1. SAVED> To calculate this number just look on your receipt! Most receipts these days have a line somewhere on the bottom that reads something like ” Your Total Savings” or ” Today You Saved” this is the number I call the “SAVED” number.
  2. VALUE>To calculate this number you add the Total you paid + The “saved” number (from above). This “VALUE” is the actual value of all the items you purchased.
  3. % SAVINGS> To calculate this number, just divide the SAVED amt by the VALUE amount, and that will give you your % SAVINGS



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  1. Jaime Prescott
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 14:03:14

    SWEET I GET IT NOW!!! awesome soooo helpful


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